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Transition House Toronto

About Transition House Toronto

Since 1976, Transition House has provided support to men who are recovering from addictions including substances and/or problem gambling. Transition House can accommodate 17 people over the age of 16, and our first floor is accessible to those with mobility problems.

Our house offers a safe, substance free environment for our residents. Our residents identify their own recovery and personal goals for the three months that they are with us. Our residents are referred to us by a number of agencies, including withdrawal management centers, in-patient and out-patient addiction treatment programs, and other agencies. We require all of our residents to have an outside primary counsellor, who will provide him with in-depth counseling and case management during their stay. Potential residents may also self-refer. For more information on our intake process, see our admissions page.

Transition House's maximum length of stay is 3 months. While here, our residents actively work at their identified recovery goals. These might include out-patient treatment, relapse prevention, anger management, 12-step meetings and other treatment models. Our residents may also be working or job hunting, volunteering in the community or other activities. At Transition House, residents participate in household chores and meal preparation. Our counselors provide direction and feedback around applying these life skills toward independent living, cooperation and mutual support. Residents who have a source of income are expected to make a small contribution towards their stay.

Transition House is staffed 24 hours a day by a team of experienced counselors. Our staff team provide support to our residents in following their goal plan, and keep in regular touch with their primary counsellor.

Volunteers are vital to the operation of Transition House. Our Board of Directors are experts in the area of policy development, financial management, and program development. Our active service volunteers are involved with recreation program, and introduce our residents to activities and social events such as plays, sporting events and other low cost recreational activities. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and include people who have come through our program.