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Transition House Toronto

Admissions Process To Transition House Toronto

Our residents are required to have a primary counsellor who will help them with their recovery concerns, as well as housing and other issues.

Our referral process consists of our intake form, which can be downloaded below. Please fill out the form as thoroughly as possible, with special attention to details about mental health and legal history. We also ask agencies who complete the Admission and Discharge Assessment Tools (ADAT) to fax us a copy of the summary and health screen pages at 416-925-5304.

Please also take a moment to carefully review our rules and regulations for admissions, which are available for download below as well.

Please Note (Downloading):

PDF version: Clicking on the "Download" button will open the PDF to allow you to view it first. You can then download it from the view window. If you want to download the document first then right-click on the button to start the download immediately.

MSWord (DOC) version: We have made a available a .doc version. This can only be downloaded. Clicking on the "Download" button automatically downloads the file.

When downloading either the MSWord or PDF versions of the above forms, it is advisable to save the document to your computer and then open the document from that location for printing.

Android phones automatically download these files first before opening them for viewing.

Transition House Admission Form PDF

Transition House Admission Form (PDF)

Transition House Admission Form Doc

Transition House Admission Form (Doc)

Transition House Rules & Regulations

House Rules & Regulations